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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Birmingham, you have some difficult decisions to make. Do you go ahead and plead guilty in court? Do you hire an attorney to defend you?

Being convicted of DUI in Alabama carries some pretty harsh penalties, which may include:

• Up to 1 year in jail

• Fines ranging from $600-$2100

• Mandatory attendance at a court-approved substance abuse program

• Driver’s license suspension for 90 days

This is just for a first offense. If you have had a prior DUI within the past five years, you could face mandatory time in jail, more fines, a longer driver’s license suspension, and possibly the installation of an ignition interlock device.

You may face non-legal consequences as well. Many employers require a clean driving record. With a DUI on your record, you might lose your current job, as well as have problems finding future employment.

You need to find an attorney who is an expert in DUI law to help you avoid these penalties. Whitney B. Polson, Esq. can help. He has successfully handled numerous DUI cases from the Gulf Coast to Huntsville.

If you are interested in discussing your case with an experienced attorney, you can fill out our online form right now for a free evaluation.

Following a DUI arrest, you must immediately act to keep your license from being suspended. In Alabama, you must request an administrative hearing by the Director of Public Safety within 10 days. If you do not request the hearing within this time frame, you will lose your driver’s license – even if you have not been found guilty of driving while impaired. This hearing is completely separate from your criminal charges.

Your license can be suspended anywhere from 90 days to 5 years, depending on your age, driving record, and license category. That is one more reason why you should hire a knowledgeable lawyer.

Get a head start in protecting your job, your license, your money and even your freedom! Whitney A. Polson, Esq. can discuss your legal options with you. He knows the DUI laws in Birmingham inside and out. Contact out law office today for more information.

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